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Pocahontas weds John Rolfe

Just over four hundred years ago, on April 5, 1614, the Pocahontas-Rolfe Wedding took place at Jamestown Colony, Virginia. Let’s snoop a little and have a peek at the astrological factors influencing their union with the Sun as male principle (husband) and the Moon as feminine principle (wife). Since the hour of their nuptial ceremony is… Continue reading Pocahontas weds John Rolfe

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So Many Taylors!

In Martha W. McCarthy’s compilation volume Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607-1635: A Biographical Dictionary, there is a listing in the Taylor section that for me stands out from the rest (and there are several Taylors in the book). Of course, I pay attention to Taylor (Tailor) references in Genealogy sources primarily because there’s apparently such a… Continue reading So Many Taylors!

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Thomas Hobson (circa 1544–1 Jan 1631)

Today as I returned to my Hobson (Hopson) research, I ran across a note I scribbled to myself months ago–to search for info on Thomas Hobson. Not that my line in Old Virginia leads back to Thomas of Cambridge but merely as a matter of curiosity. After all, poet John Milton satirized Thomas multiple times… Continue reading Thomas Hobson (circa 1544–1 Jan 1631)

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On the Wade Family of Virginia

Okay, for some reason (because Facebook annoyingly prompts me that I’ve not posted recently on my Strickland page there) I’m posting this in an opposite direction by adding a link here to what I just published to FB concerning the Wade Family of Virginia. So far, I’ve not managed to link my Wade ancestor, Nancy… Continue reading On the Wade Family of Virginia

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Is There a Claiborne Link to My Family’s Love of Cornbread?

Appalachian Cornbread Recipe My attempt to locate online an unsweet cornbread recipe exactly like the one my mother and her mother made has failed but if you follow the above link to a wonderful blog about Appalachia and family you’ll find an approximation of it (I’ll give ours, below). The photo favors my mom’s cornbread,… Continue reading Is There a Claiborne Link to My Family’s Love of Cornbread?