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A New Discovery for Childress-Childers!

Now today’s discovery doesn’t actually relate directly to me (that I know of!) and of course I’m merely continuing my habit of armchair genealogy research but this morning I searched for an ancestor through my paternal great-grandmother Martha Ida (“Mattie”) Childress (m. William Benjamin Coile) and followed her line back to William Hugh Childress of Jamestown… Continue reading A New Discovery for Childress-Childers!

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Why Study Your Family Genealogy?

Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the earth is the only commandment that includes a promise and a wonderful one at that. And so it is a religious and a filial duty to rescue, restore, and record memories of our ancestors from oblivion before the record of their very… Continue reading Why Study Your Family Genealogy?

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Genealogy of Richmond Co Georgia

Some readers are aware that I’ve been away from blogging here since July due to emergency heart surgery and I’m glad to report that my recovery is going well. Yet this post is a mere shout-out to a site I found while searching for a man who signed an Oath of Allegiance to America by… Continue reading Genealogy of Richmond Co Georgia

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History Comes with Genealogy

As I read more and more about our Puritan and Cavalier ancestors, both of which describe my lineage in part, I came across the following quote from the author of the America’s Forgotten History series. Perhaps you’re familiar with it: “Puritans and Cavaliers each brought their own customs. In England, Puritans baked while Cavaliers fried,… Continue reading History Comes with Genealogy