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Visit a Tobacco Farm Virginia 1771

In my rambles today on a search for my maternal grandmother’s Moore family I ran across the following video of a reenacted, modest Virginia tobacco farm as life had been prior to the Revolutionary War, circa 1771. The video seems to have no audio but you may appreciate the view which includes the necessity to… Continue reading Visit a Tobacco Farm Virginia 1771

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Moore Search Leads to 1921 Fire

Locating information about my maternal grandmother, Mary Lee Moore (m. M. Cleveland Simmons), is proving just as difficult as expected especially given the abundance of Moore (More, etc) families in America (England, Ireland, and Scotland). But apparently their abundance isn’t what’s blocking the trail. Mary Lee Moore was born in 1884 in Carroll County, Georgia so naturally… Continue reading Moore Search Leads to 1921 Fire

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Earliest Hickman Ancestor Found!

This morning my earliest known Hickman ancestor was discovered by yours truly, a mere armchair researcher. Never before had I seen the lineage of Mary Hickman wife of Henry Peter Strickland so I was glad to follow her parentage back to England. Here is what researchers have found so far about this particular early Hickman (sometimes spelled ‘Hitchman’) line:… Continue reading Earliest Hickman Ancestor Found!

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Jamestown Colony: Along with the Leaf Came Slavery

Remnants of ‘Old Church’ at Jamestown Colony, Virginia; photo 1890s. CREDIT: Jackson, William Henry, photographer. “Old Church, Jamestown, Virginia,” 1902. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. Reproduction Number LC-D4-14191. You know the tale: settlers from England landed on Jamestown Island (as it began to be called) on May 14, 1607 to establish the first… Continue reading Jamestown Colony: Along with the Leaf Came Slavery

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A Search for Mayflower Links

Have you ever checked out a site listing Mayflower Passengers and their Descendants? Anyone with an interest in American history has probably visited the pages long before yours truly especially since my searches in recent years have focused mainly on Jamestown/e, Colonial Virginia and Maryland, and the Revolutionary War. Genealogy Trails: Mayflower Since I’m just… Continue reading A Search for Mayflower Links

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Researching the Jamestown Colony

    By National Park Service Digital Image Archives [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons As my ‘armchair genealogy’ research continues, I find myself delving into the history of the Jamestown Colony of 1607 and beyond which I hadn’t done since school days. Guess I should’ve known since I was aware that some of my ancestors… Continue reading Researching the Jamestown Colony

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Jamestown: Rebellion and Psychedelia

Although I have read of Bacon’s Rebellion before today, I never really appreciated the sneakiness and subterfuge involved when British forces led by Governor Berkeley were tricked into eating food laced with Datura stramonium, a powerful hallucinogen that kept the men acting goofy and having visions for 11 days! Perhaps this is an example of the earliest… Continue reading Jamestown: Rebellion and Psychedelia