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A Revolutionary Ancestor and the Battle of Kettle Creek

Today I received a copy of The Supplement to Wilkes County Papers (1773-1889) by Robert Scott Davis (2000) as part of my search for more information on one of my Revolutionary ancestors John D. Webb (1705-1781) of Virginia and Wilkes County, Georgia. So far in the book I’ve located his son’s name on a list of the 140… Continue reading A Revolutionary Ancestor and the Battle of Kettle Creek

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Francis P Power Revolutionary soldier

It must be because January 3rd is my birthday that I returned today (January 2nd!) to my notes on a maternal ancestor Francis P. Power who enlisted in the 14th Continental Army under Col. John Glover on January 3, 1776, Marblehead Regiment. His enlistment was part of the push of January 1, 1776 to gain new recruits for… Continue reading Francis P Power Revolutionary soldier