R-S11556 (Y-DNA)

The Grays of England make a cameo appearance herein!

Druidikal Roots

It is suspected that the dispersion of S11556 is tied to Viking (likely Danish Viking) DNA. This theory continues to gain momentum as more samples test positive for Z251 and because of the locations where s11556 is found and the history of the associated surnames tied to s11556.

From the Z251 forum at ftdna forum, as well as, the distribution of S11556 currently includes the following locations: England (Lewis, Rickwood, Churchman, Herrington), Cornwall (Millet), Ireland (Hopkins, Jack), Scotland (McCall, Dew/Dubh, McDonald, Crawford, Wright), Russia (Pegalis), Poland (Bloom), Latvia (Kabo), Lithuania (Prago), and Belaruse (Yurditzky, Burde).

According to most surname databases, the origin of a number of these surnames names are historically tied to Normandy France (Gray, Lewis, Rickwood, Churchman, Millet, Brock). The Vikings who settled Normandy France are said to have been Danish Vikings. The Grays of England trace directly back to Rollo the “Dane” Duke of Normandy.


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