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Francis Power at the Battle of Bunker Hill

Happy Easter morning Everyone! If you celebrate then you know that He Is Risen!

Yet this quick post is intended to record what I discovered this morning on the familysearch dot org site concerning my ancestor Francis Power, Revolutionary soldier–and the fact that he fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775).

Here’s the famous painting by John Trumbull (public domain):


Now I knew that Francis Power signed up on January 3, 1776 to fight under John Glover of Marblehead Mariners fame during General Washington’s reorganization of the Continental Army (January 1, 1776) and was likely involved (being listed as a “seaman”) in the Christmas 1776 ferrying across the icy Delaware of Washington, his troops and artillery (a Herculean task), but it’s a surprise to me that Francis Power (descendant of Walter Power, see link below) was at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Yes, the British army ultimately “won” the battle (which was actually fought on what became known as Breed’s Hill) but lost many more soldiers than the colonials, plus, 19 officers killed and 62 officers wounded during their first two assaults. The third assault was ‘the charm’ for the colonials ran out of powder.

And sadly on the colonial side, General Joseph Warren was killed in the battle but Francis Power survived to fight in other battles and eventually to remove to my home state of Georgia after the war although his familysearch entry reveals that he “lost articles” at Bunker Hill. Now I wonder what articles those could be? I guess we’ll never know until the Day that all is revealed!

Until then, you can follow the lineage of Francis Power back to his ancestors Walter and Tryal Shepard Power (sometimes written as ‘Powers’) on WikiTree although I seriously doubt that Francis could have been born in Georgia as WikiTree says, but in 1818 he did die and is buried there on what used to be his farm, may he R.I.P.:

Francis Power

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