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Old Stone Church near Clemson SC

Today as I reviewed some of my White family notes I ran across a previously unnoticed factoid. It seems my ancestor Henry White (April 24, 1724 Buckingham Co, VA — June 17, 1802 Bedford Co, VA) is interred at the historic Old Stone Church near Clemson, South Carolina. In previous notes, I have Henry listed as the husband of Celia Bryant Page.

Henry’s and Celia’s daughter Lucy married James Neville Brown and one of their sons was the Reverend Benjamin Brown whose Bible may be found online. His daughter Melita Jane Brown was wife of Ebenezer Brown Strickland, parents of my ‘Laughing Cat’ grandmother, Huldah Strickland Coile of Coile’s Grove, Oglethorpe Co, Ga.

So if a White marries a Brown are their children Beige? Just wonderin’!

Now ’tis true that other sources don’t necessarily agree with the lineage I’ve listed, above. But here’s a page that lists Henry, husband of Celia, as a descendant of William White who emigrated to Jamestown, Va. in 1607:  Henry White–Celia Page  and since not all sources list children’s names, I admit that this one fails me when it comes to Lucy White Brown.

If this is “my” William White, he is listed in Martha W. McCartney’s Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607 – 1635  as a laborer who came to Jamestown in 1607 with the first group of settlers, “lived with the Natives for a time and later reported on their customs. He also described George Casson‘s death,” and, “Captain John Smith referred to (him) as one of his old soldiers.”

(If you’re interested, there’s a description of the horrible death of George Casson in Benjamin Wooley’s book about Jamestown Colony, Savage Kingdom. The event almost justifies the book’s title all by itself.)

Now McCartney’s Virginia Immigrants book lists “William White” twice more but I’ll not bother you with more details, however, it seems that William did pretty well in Virginia.

But let’s mosey back to the Churchyard where Henry White rests!

Because as it turns out, the Old Stone Church has some notable people sleeping nearby such as Revolutionary War veterans and soldiers of Indian and other wars, with some graves marked by the DAR and the SAR, along with former S.C.  Governor Pickens now resting there in peace. Are any of these Old Ones yours?

Well, here’s a link to the Church’s website for historic details or for those wishing to book it as an event venue:

Old Stone Church 

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  1. Hi Mel! Since political events in the US have been keeping me busy my family research time has been limited. Celia has not provided a lot of.info for me to discover online so I’m wondering what direct line info you may have. If you wish to, contact me at jude cowell at gmail dot com. Jude 🙂


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