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Genealogy of Richmond Co Georgia

Some readers are aware that I’ve been away from blogging here since July due to emergency heart surgery and I’m glad to report that my recovery is going well. Yet this post is a mere shout-out to a site I found while searching for a man who signed an Oath of Allegiance to America by some Coyles from Antrim County, Ireland, dated June 16, 1799 in a Philadephia PA court.

Am I certain these Coyles link to my own paternal lineage? Not at all since I’ve yet to locate more information on them (James, John, and Enos). However, the fellow who signed the Oath as knowing them for upwards of seven years (an indenture situation?) was Peter Paris. Only recently has his name turned up in some of my searches (once parish and other church references are removed).

So in an old book now online as a Google book (“Journal of the House of the Assembly: August 17, 1781 to February 26, 1784”), I noted a reference to Peter Paris on a list of justices for Richmond County, Georgia. Other allied family names are there as well so I’ll add mine here in case you are searching for potential ancestors as well: Charles and Joel Crawford, William Hobson, Valentine Hatcher, Nathaniel and William Barnett, John Wade (“carpenter”; daughter Rachel, son Benjamin), Edmund Bugg, Isaac Jackson, James Marten, John Hill. Included are Wills (1777–1797), cemeteries, and other forms of information.

So if you’re curious, check out Genealogy Trails for Richmond County, Georgia, one of the original counties of the 13th Colony, created on February 5, 1777 and named for the 3rd Duke of Richmond, Charles Lenox, British Secretary of State who is said to have been sympathetic to the American cause.

Genealogy Trails: Richmond County, Georgia


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