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Moore Search Leads to 1921 Fire

Locating information about my maternal grandmother, Mary Lee Moore (m. M. Cleveland Simmons), is proving just as difficult as expected especially given the abundance of Moore (More, etc) families in America (England, Ireland, and Scotland). But apparently their abundance isn’t what’s blocking the trail.

Mary Lee Moore was born in 1884 in Carroll County, Georgia so naturally I searched for Carroll County GA 1890 Census records thinking she might be listed as a 5 or 6 year old child. There are early Moores listed for Carroll County GA including two James Moores (P. and D.) , plus, William Howard and Israel Moore Sr. who married two Formby sisters, “Polly” and “Sallie”. So far, I cannot match our Mary Lee with her father, mother, or other Moore ancestors though of course I shall keep searching. Mary Lee died on January 30, 1964 when I was a young teen and the two of us were never very close even though she was around quite often.

Actually, the thing I remember most about her was her love of fishing. She was about fishing the way Mr. Trump is about golfing–fishing all day at her favorite lake whenever she had a chance.

Having so far no exact birth date for her, the astrologer in me wonders if she was born with one or more planets in fishy Pisces, sign of the two Fishes! (Of course, a love of fishing can also express through Jupiter and/or Neptune signatures, even without Pisces planets. Plus, we all have all the signs in our natures even if no planets are placed there. Anyway, I was born with a Pisces Moon (as was my mother!) and have expressed this creative energy in my life through a love of drawing botanical portraits of tropical fish which may be viewed at my art blog Dreamyfish Art (float over, as you wish!)

And for those who may be curious, here’s the story (with newspaper photo of the aftermath) of how the 1890 Census records stored in the basement of the Commerce Building were destroyed or hopelessly damaged by water, smoke, and fire on January 10, 1921. At least the fire damage of these official records made it obvious, even to the dumbest of politicians, that a safer, more secure method of storage was needed.


2 thoughts on “Moore Search Leads to 1921 Fire

  1. I have often thought about adopting a Moore family line and attaching my Moore family to it. It would make life much easier and I could relax. I think that is what some people have done already and I can’t say I blame them. 🙂


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