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Earliest Hickman Ancestor Found!

This morning my earliest known Hickman ancestor was discovered by yours truly, a mere armchair researcher. Never before had I seen the lineage of Mary Hickman wife of Henry Peter Strickland so I was glad to follow her parentage back to England. Here is what researchers have found so far about this particular early Hickman (sometimes spelled ‘Hitchman’) line:

Mary Hickman b. 1750 Nash Co, NC; died before 1744 Jackson Co, GA descends from parents Nathaniel Hickman and Sarah Ann (Strickland? perhaps). Nathaniel was b. 1715 Isle of Wight Co, VA and died before November 10, 1795. Sarah Ann was also born in Isle of Wight Co, VA in 1713. They lived and died in Edgecombe Co, NC.

Nathaniel’s parents were William and Mary Williams Hickman (Isle of Wight, VA/NC), both born in the 1600s. William’s will was proved on February 19, 1744 with son Nathaniel as executor. William’s father was Edward Hickman born about 1615/30 in England, died James City, VA. The geni dot com site has Edward born circa 1615 in Lincolnshire, England.

Edward’s  father Nathaniel Hickman I was born circa 1580 in England and died 1656 in James City, VA. He is the earliest Hickman ancestor of our Mary that I’ve found. No location for his birth has come to light (that I know of) but his wife Elizabeth Hickman (b. circa 1544 or later) is listed as being born in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England so naturally I looked up the village and discovered that it’s famous as the home of  children’s author, Roald Dahl who lived at Gipsy House from 1954 until his death in 1990.

Here’s a video tour featuring the Roald Dahl Museum:


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