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Anne Wolseley Calvert of Maryland

For those who may be searching for ancestors of the Baltimore family, you have probably discovered an excellent resource, one I only just discovered today.

Having on my shelf a copy of Virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607–1635, I immediately checked to see which of the Calverts were listed. Two of the male line were there: George Calvert II and Leonard Calvert, George’s younger brother. Both were sons of  Sir George Calvert. The Calverts established a settlement they called St. Mary’s City in Maryland (being of the Roman Catholic persuasion as they were.)

Now in George II‘s listing there is very little information but mention is made of an Anne Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore’s wife who drowned during a heavy storm in Maryland in 1634. George II’s will was prepared on July 10, 1634 and proved on January 19, 1635. And I suppose that this Anne was the mother of George II and Leonard.

For Leonard, more info is available–such as his being the “incumbent governor” (“actually, lieutenant-general,” says the listing) who summoned before him on December 8, 1634 one William Claiborne, my ancestor, and surveyor of Jamestown. No doubt the court summons was part of their disagreement over Claiborne’s early claim to Kent Island, named after his native Kent, England. As you know, the Baltimores eventually won that tussle.

So here’s a link to this new (for me!) resource for historical and/or genealogical research: Written in Bone where you can see the forensic recreation of Anne Wolseley Calvert, read about the discovery of her lead coffin, and much more.

And here’s a link to my previous post concerning William Claiborne Surveyor of Jamestown

I just love how History comes along with Genealogy whether you expect it or not!


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