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On the Wade Family of Virginia

Okay, for some reason (because Facebook annoyingly prompts me that I’ve not posted recently on my Strickland page there) I’m posting this in an opposite direction by adding a link here to what I just published to FB concerning the Wade Family of Virginia.

So far, I’ve not managed to link my Wade ancestor, Nancy born 1846 (wife of John Bennett  Simmons, Sr) to this particular line but how hard can it be? Actually, any of Nancy’s early Wade ancestors would do if I could only locate them! Yet I exaggerate since I do have her parents’ names: Henry and Becky (Rebecca?) Hoyt Wade. But so far, none earlier than Henry and Becky and I have few details on them but Nancy’s death certificate is online (!) and she died July 16, 1924 in Comer, Madison Co, Georgia (age 78)–at 3:00 am! This is excellent info for an astrologer so naturally I have her birth AND death charts to study for genetic/inheritance information which can be found in horoscopes if one knows where to look.

Anyway, here’s the Waad link listed on my FB Strickland page if you’re curious…Gunpowder Plot included! (A direct link is not successfully provided for me to link to–that’s possessive FB for ya.)

Sir William Waad (aka, Wadd, Wade) father of Edward Wade I, who was father of Edward Wade II, who sired Andrew Wade of New Kent Co VA (1665–1740 Hanover Co VA), who brought us Richard Wade (1690–1757, died at Tuckahoe Creek Plantation, VA) and, no doubt, other notable Wade gentlemen and ladies, one of which (Lucy) married into the the very same Barnett family of which I descend via John Barnard Barnett (1689–1756) who married Katherine Farrar Barnett a daughter of the Farrar Island family of Colonial Virginia.

And as always, that’s me depending on the kind research of others!


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