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The Solar Eclipse of Virginia Dare

Since I can’t get this blog to show links in a sidebar (or a sidebar at all! no tech whiz here) I’m adding a link to an article I wrote recently concerning the Prenatal Eclipse of little Virginia Dare of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. A link may have appeared here previously but I’m adding it tonight anyway, just in case.

However, so far in my genealogy research I’m not certain that any of my ancestral lines meander back to the Roanoke Colony unless John White, Virginia Dare’s grandfather, is a leaf on my family tree of Whites, or is one of the family’s branches, and if enough documentation exists for his line I have yet to locate it. How about you?

As for the Solar Eclipse article, you don’t have to speak ‘astrologese’, dear reader, to check it out for you may be assured that the article is written in English and is meant to translate the astrological information for you!

The Prenatal Eclipse of Virginia Dare by Jude Cowell


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