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Who was Sarah the Jamestown Orphan?


Recently my forays into family ties through Jamestown lineages and history has revealed Sarah, the ‘Jamestown Orphan’ whose parents were killed in the March 22, 1622 Powhatan Uprising, aka, the Jamestown Massacre of 1622. Reverend Maycock and wife Mary Pierce Maycock are considered by some to have been Sarah’s parents though other researchers disagree (see the third link, below).

For your consideration, here’s a brief scoop on the Maycock family with Sarah’s relationship to her parents mentioned as a ‘calculated relationship’:

Reverend Samuel “Captain” Maycock

If only we had a definite birth date for Sarah! November 1621 is the closest I’ve found so I opened my Solar Fire Astrology program to look at the entire month and found that November 1621 contained two eclipses–a Total Solar Eclipse on November 13, 1621 (NS) @21Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse on November 28, 1621 @7Gemini, with the sign of Scorpio being associated with death matters and Gemini the sign of children.

Now if you have no background in astrological principles I can tell you that on one level, the Sun in a horoscope signifies the male principle (ex: father) and the Moon represents Mother and family, and perhaps you know that eclipses can bring unexpected events, even death if circumstances are right. Without the advantage of a birth date for Sarah, the November 1621 eclipse horoscopes may be used symbolically to set up speculative natal chart/s to study the orphan who was only a few months old when her parents were taken from her by massacre and born during or around the time of two eclipses seems to qualify her as an ‘eclipse baby’.

And yes, being suddenly and viciously attacked by a group of previously ‘friendly’ people (after 8 years of peace) certainly qualifies as an unexpected event and we know from historical accounts that the settlers up and down the James River were stunned by the horror of such a calculated attack. And it was Richard Pace of Pace’s Paines who heard about the massacre beforehand and spent the night warning as many plantations as he could along the river so that the death toll the next morning was smaller than the Powhatan Confederacy had intended and which, if more blood had been shed, would have wiped out Jamestown entirely. My belated Thanks to Mr. Pace!

Actually, I have just received a book written by David Edmund Pace, The Man Who Foiled a Jamestown Massacre which is available on Amazon where I intend to review it after reading it. And yes, it too lists  orphaned Sarah as a Maycock and notes that Sarah married George Pace, son of Richard. Yet some researchers have disagreed over who Sarah married, whether or not her mother was killed in the 1622 massacre, whether Sarah was born before or after the massacre, and other details from so long ago.

Well, Rootsweb has a page with some back-n-forth on the topic of the Maycocks of Jamestown here  if you’re curious about Sarah the Jamestown Orphan and her family in what I assume is an ongoing debate about her parentage and marriage partner.

Now one final note: the November 13, 1621 Solar Eclipse (Total, so its influence is strong) was part of the 2 Old North Saros Series which last repeated in July 2000 and will next manifest on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer. 2 Old North began in the year 792 so we know that it was around in 1621. Its themes include: unfortunate news concerning relationships or friendships; schisms and separations; the picture at first looks glum but eventual results are positive; fast action brings good outcomes (Brady’s Predictive Astrology). This would also be the PE of the 1622 massacre itself and its themes do seem to apply to the turbulent events of that day as well as to one result–the adoption of Sarah by the Smyths.

And you know what? The difficult 2 Old North series is the Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) series of America’s next president, one  Donald Trump  (June 14, 1946) who was born on the eclipse, and it is also the PE of  Prince William of Great Britain (June 21, 1982) who, born on the eclipse, is also an ‘eclipse baby’ who lost his mother in a very tragic way.

So I’ll mosey for now because here are what may be three ‘eclipse babies’ mentioned in one post!




4 thoughts on “Who was Sarah the Jamestown Orphan?

  1. Hi, according to my calculations and records I’m a direct descendant of Sarah Maycock as well but what doesn’t add up is the claim that her maternal grandfather was Captain William Pierce simply because I can’t find any reliable info anywhere stating he ever had a daughter called Mary. There’s plenty of info stating he had a daughter called Jane. But nothing about Mary. So if someone has any information that could help clear this up for me, I’d be very happy to hear it. 🙂


    1. Hi Julie, regretfully my armchair research efforts met too high a brick wall with Sarah Maycock and has at this point been abandoned. Wish I had info to share! Thanks for commenting, Jude


  2. Im a direct descendent of Sarah Pierce(Pace Maycock) my grand dad has looked into our genealogy extensively. One thing he discovered was Sarah’s mother, Mary, died shortly after giving birth to her and her father, Samuel died in the massacre of 1622. Her aunt, Jane Pierce raised her from then. She was given her father’s plantation and was raised adjacent to the governor. She married George Pace when she was 15.

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    1. Fantastic, thanks Tylenn for adding your comment! I know there’s been some controversy over Sarah’s parentage as a Maycock so it’s great to hear from a direct descendant.


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