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A Search for Mayflower Links


Have you ever checked out a site listing Mayflower Passengers and their Descendants? Anyone with an interest in American history has probably visited the pages long before yours truly especially since my searches in recent years have focused mainly on Jamestown/e, Colonial Virginia and Maryland, and the Revolutionary War.

Genealogy Trails: Mayflower

Since I’m just getting started on Mayflower links and potential family branches all I can manage this evening is to list the surnames of some of my known ancestors that are or may be allied families of the Mayflower folk, based on the names found on the site, linked above. If you’re familiar with the names of the passengers and/or their descendants, perhaps you’ll recognize a few of them on the following list of possibilities–but no, I have not yet attempted to find proven connections between the generations of 1620/21 and later with those I know to be a paternal or maternal ancestor.

Here is a list of those surnames (many via marriages found in the second generation) that I’ll be sleuthing into on the off chance that one might eventually lead back nearly 400 years to the Mayflower and/or to Plymouth Colony. So if I wish to accomplish such a daunting task in time for the 400th anniversary in 2020 of the landing and subsequent settlement, I’d better begin yesterday!

In no particular order, My List of Possible Mayflower Links includes:

Brown, Turner, Webb, White, Simmons, Soule (?), Tucker, Johnson, Jackson.

There may be more potential family connections, of course, but a list of 8 family names (possibly 9) is gracious plenty to begin with, don’t you think? For as I said, it’s a daunting task!

Image: William Halsall ‘s painting Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor (1882) {public domain}


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