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Fraudulent Genealogists

This morning as I looked into the Crawford family of James City, Virginia, I discovered a name previously unknown to me: “Gustave Anjou” who is probably the best known of the fraudulent genealogists. In fact, that name is fake as well. Most of the links I checked into about the fraudster resulted in dud pages no longer available. But here is a link that may work and if you’re like me (merely an ‘armchair genealogist’ who depends on original documents found by others who kindly post them online) this is something to consider if you haven’t already:

fraudulent genealogy

There you’ll find a list of family lineages involved and of course you can always Google “Gustave Anjou” for more pages on the jerk including Wikipedia. Some of my family lines that may be affected by Gustave ‘s dirty work are: Child, Crawford, Moore, and perhaps Turner, and there could be others. I will keep a look out for them as I sleuth merrily along. This circumstance is sometimes happenstance by researchers who mean well but some misinformation is provided; or, cheaters and slackers purposefully supply data using the Anjou model. This can cause ‘brickwalls’ of research which can be tip-offs that you’re following fraudulent information.

Why, even the Bacons, DuPonts, and Rockwells are on the fraud list though I suppose they’d be among the families people would most want a tie of kinship with no matter the true nature of the illustrious lineage of the privileged class. Thing is, we’re all related as some say, and intermarried, and the more sleuthing into family names and such the more likely we are to discover what may be a gaggle of rapscallions and villains amongst everyone’s DNA bouquet that has blossomed into the You that you are.

(edit Aug 26, 2016 11:11 pm est jc)


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