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The Story of Pocahontas – video

The following video concerns the life of Powhatan’s daughter, Pocahontas, a princess with descendants famous and not so famous. Mention of John Rolfe begins around the 15-minute mark if you’re interested. Their son Thomas Rolfe is said to have had a daughter Anne who married a William Barnett though some dispute that ‘Anne’ existed.

Update 6.29.16: mea culpa! it seems to have been a ‘Jane Rolfe’ whose very existence is disputed. This is a very convoluted history to sort out, I must say!

This particular William Barnett line is thought by some to descend from Virginia into Georgia and thereby into my own family lineage (I’m not trying to imagine myself a Pocahontas descendant but only going by the online research of others!)

The accuracy of Anne Rolfe marrying a Barnett may or may not be debatable, yes, yet even so, the complete story of Pocahontas remains intriguingly elusive!


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