Coel-Coilus-Coil-Coyle-Cowell-Kyle · genealogy

Fun with the Coels/Coils/Coles

Now if you have the surname Coel/Cole/Coil/Coyle/Cowell/Kyle and such in your lineage you have an ancient line of kings of Britain to have fun with and muse over, if you wish. Even the nursery rhyme “Old King Cole” appears among the ruins with King Coilus ruling Britain in Roman times and one of them (so long ago–who knows which one?) calling for his pipe and his bowl and his fiddlers three.

Actually, pipe and bowl are thought to be references to musical instruments since we’re talking so long ago that smoking wasn’t invented yet! How’s that for olden days?

Anyway, if you’ve never checked out the venerable olde Coel/Coil clan (or, gen) and its ancient history (actual or legendary), you may wish to try the following link no matter the multiple spelling variations of the name:

Cole-Coelus King of Britain



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