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A Childress Family Break Through!

Last evening a sudden break through occurred in my Childress family research when I located information on my Childress great-grandmother in the line that leads directly to the Strickland family of my paternal grandmother.

For years (online only–I’m an armchair genealogist of sorts) my Childress ancestors of Georgia remained elusive for I didn’t know the parents’ names of my Dad’s grandmother, Martha Ida (‘Mattie’) Childress who married John David Coile of Oglethorpe County, GA. Then last evening a document was discovered thanks to findagrave dot com and the Confederate Soldiers Home of Atlanta, Georgia where a document detailed the service of Francis E. (‘Frank’) Childress (Nov 1, 1842–July 31, 1915), my great uncle. Of course, census records added info as well and I found that Frank and sister Malissa had later on lived in the home of “brother-in-law” John David and wife Mattie (sister of Frank and Malissa).

Thanks also go to Cameron Padgett and Dave Coile (neither of whom I know) for their work at findagrave which includes a photo of Frank’s C.S.A grave stone at the Rutledge City Cemetery in Morgan County, GA. (and that of Frank’s brother, A.J. Childress–Andrew Jackson). Through this I found that Mattie and Frank’s parents were indeed David and Zilla Barnett Childress, something I had suspected but never managed to verify. Their marriage leads to Mattie who married John David and their son, William Benjamin, married Huldah (some sites say ‘Mahulda’) Strickland in Oglethorpe County, GA, my Dad’s parents.

(Turns out that David Childress’ father was a Thomas Childress and there are multiple men of that name so research will be needed to follow up; Thomas’ will is dated July 16, 1836 which may hopefully aid my search; possible countries of origin include England and Scotland.)

Now I’m searching for ‘Zilla’ Barnett who is, I assume, in the same Barnett line as my Barnett ancestors because the original James Coile (b. August 1, 1800, probably in N.C., came to GA with brother John in 1821) married Mary Barnett, daughter of David Barnett born December 25, 1776 in Christiansburg, Virginia (Montgomery County). David is the ancestor already mentioned who married twice and I am descended from both his marriages–on my Dad’s side, as noted above, and on my Mom’s side via C.S.A soldier Turner Simmons) thus making me my own cousin.

Or that’s what I call myself anyway. Can you blame me? 🙂

So please pardon my crowing this morning for it isn’t often that such a break through occurs (with documentation!) through my irregularly pursued genealogical efforts and reveals the relationships and names of the mysterious ancestors who hide in my unconscious!

Here’s a link with his info and a photo that details the battles in which Frank served such as Malvern Hill, Savage Station, and South Mountain (Maryland).

Update June 19, 2016: the Zillah Barnett Childress mystery is solved. Turns out that Zillah descends from Benjamin Johnson Barnett (c. 1775 –1825) who was brother of David Barnett (December 25, 1776). Their papa was William Sr born in New Kent Co, VA c. 1730. More details later!



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