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The Story of Pocahontas – video

The following video concerns the life of Powhatan’s daughter, Pocahontas, a princess with descendants famous and not so famous. Mention of John Rolfe begins around the 15-minute mark if you’re interested. Their son Thomas Rolfe is said to have had a daughter Anne who married a William Barnett though some dispute that ‘Anne’ existed. Update… Continue reading The Story of Pocahontas – video

Childress-Barnett-Strickland-Coile · Civil War Battles · CSA soldiers · family ties · genealogy

A Childress Family Break Through!

Last evening a sudden break through occurred in my Childress family research when I located information on my Childress great-grandmother in the line that leads directly to the Strickland family of my paternal grandmother. For years (online only–I’m an armchair genealogist of sorts) my Childress ancestors of Georgia remained elusive for I didn’t know the parents’… Continue reading A Childress Family Break Through!


Are You a Descendant of Pocahontas?

Moseying around the web this morning I discovered a post by a documented descendant of Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan. Her descendancy has some controversy to it, yes, but she does have descendants from an early marriage plus, lineage from her well-documented marriage to John Rolfe. It’s quite an interesting read especially since Senator Elizabeth Warren’s… Continue reading Are You a Descendant of Pocahontas?