Roots of the Washington Family

Of Stars, Flags, Roots, and Mysteries

While researching family ties it’s quite usual to come across various topics of interest which may or may not relate to a particular lineage. One such for me is a page on the ancestral roots of President George Washington whose Norman ancestor, William de Hertburn, knight, fought with William the Conqueror circa 1066.

Then at some point, de Hertburn became William of Washington due to a mutual trading of property. Centuries later the Old Hall at Washington Village, Tyne-Wear, would make for an interesting visit if one were so inclined. In addition, the Battle of Shadon’s Hill in 1068 also figures into the Washington family tale for it seems that certain “people of the North revolted against William the Conqueror” who was, of course, a Norman himself.


One thing I find curious as an American of Revolutionary heritage is that the Washington Coat of Arms was transported to America with the first Washingtons and became the model for the American flag (with a few modifications) so that when We the People salute the flag we’re actually honoring the Washington family and perhaps paying allegiance to more than we know. That’s my feeling about it anyway though you may, of course, disagree. Plus, with a bit of searching you can locate a website or two asserting that George Washington was a member of the ‘star families’ and thus descended from Enoch which would anoint George as one of an ancient priestly class.

Yet such a spiritual topic is way beyond the scope of this meager post. However, we all know about the personality cult of America’s first official president as seen via the Washington Monument (an Egyptian obelisk suitable for a ‘sun god’!), contemporary testaments to the General’s wonderfulness, artful depictions of George ascending into Heaven as a god (The Apotheosis of George Washington), his prodigious Freemasonry occult knowledge, plus, the where-is-it-now statue of George as ‘Zeus’–well, the evidence is too esoteric for most readers and is perhaps inappropriate for a post about family genealogy.

Still I hope if you’re curious you’ll check out the Washington family page to which I refer where you can read more info and view the various Coats of Arms of this very old Norman family who migrated to America during our early days and managed to produce a preeminent man of leadership and moral character at just the perfect time in history. If you haven’t seen the Coats, their stars and stripes may look familiar to you especially to those of an American or a Tyne-Wear persuasion.

Oh! And George Washington is reputed to have a Strickland ancestor of the Westmoreland-Sizergh variety, a factoid that I almost forgot to mention to you.

And with kingly Jupiter (‘Zeus’) about to perform a Direct Station on May 9 (2016) upon the 14 Virgo degree, I shall share the Sabian Symbol (word picture) for this degree since it relates to our topic and also because constellation Virgo is intimately linked to the architecture and hidden significance of Washington DC.

Quoting from Dane Rudhyar’s version of the symbols, An Astrological Mandala:

14 Virgo = “An Aristocratic Family Tree”…’Keynote: A deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character.’

Rudhyar goes on to explain that this symbol “suggests a technique which, at critical times, must be used. It characterizes the means for true ‘success’. One returns to the roots in order to produce the flowering of personality, if this flower is to bring forth a living seed. ROOT POWER is essential to seed-achievement.”

Apparently this symbol can be applied to those honored through the centuries through cults of personality such as that of George Washington. How curious that as the “Father of Our Country” he *sired no offspring of his own. Makes you wonder who the ‘seed’ really is and why the Clintons (as President and First Lady) were described at the time as ‘seeding’ the New Millennium while the specially decorated, lighted Washington Monument, our national phallic symbol, pointed toward Heaven and was, as usual, mirrored toward the Earth by the water of the Reflecting Pool below–embodying at the very least astrology’s ancient dictum, As Above, So Below.

For like the American flag’s true roots in the stars of an ancient warrior family, perhaps more was being honored at the New Millennium celebration than the American people realized at the time or would wish to understand even now…




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