Resting Place of my Great Grandparents

This post is a bit of a personal reminder for yours truly. It contains this link to information on the small river town of North High Shoals, Georgia which is the approximate location of interment of my paternal great grandparents, Ebenezer Brown Strickland and Nancy Parton Strickland.

You see, a tragedy occurred in my branch of the Strickland family in 1895 for while raising their several children (including my paternal grandmother, Huldah Strickland), Eb and Nancy departed this mortal coil though not simultaneously. His life was cut short by disease, and hers during or after surgery of some kind–father first, then mother, if (my dad’s) memory serves and online records are accurate (though minimal as they may be).

I say the town is the approximate location because in the 1990s my father and I visited the Baptist Church in North High Shoals so he could look for their graves. Apparently, this was the church the family attended but unfortunately,  the cemetery around the church, mostly in back of the building, was partially inaccessible to us. Older grave sites (all or some unmarked or worn down) now slept within a bramble-and thorn-graced area of what had become a forest of Georgia pines and hardwoods. It had been too long since my father had visited the site, and the old thorny fellow had cast his Saturnian veil of Time upon the long lost grave sites at the North High Shoals Baptist Church.

And what happened to the gaggle of Strickland children left orphaned before year 1895 had ended with a double tragedy? Older ones continued working, younger ones were placed in a children’s home, Huldah cared for certain siblings, and a family (perhaps the Harvills) “took in” some of them, which is what my father was told and remembered it all his life (1908–2002).

Wasn’t that the way things were usually done back in the day when neighbors and kin took care of each other and family members weren’t as spread out across the map as they are today?



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