Strickland Genealogy debuts!

January 15, 2016: Jude Cowell here, setting up a new WordPress blog called in an effort to support my new Facebook page Strickland Genealogy where you’re invited to visit. (Note that there aren’t many articles there yet, but there is a lovely banner and a Welcome with more content arriving soon.)

Naturally, Strickland and allied family researchers are invited as well and any related information and other content is much appreciated. Are you a history buff or researcher? I am finding that researching an ancient line such as the Stricklands provides a guiding lens through which both British and American history may be viewed and if interested, I hope you’ll join me.

In our research we won’t fight the Battle of Agincourt again but we may cheer as a Strickland carries St. George’s banner! And whether the Sizergh Stricklands had emigrants to America or not, theirs is an intriguing history to read.

In closing this brief introductory post, I’d like to add that as a granddaughter of a Strickland on my paternal side via Oglethorpe County, Georgia, my family research efforts may not be professional but they are heartfelt and my plan so far is to combine Genealogy, History, and perhaps a little Astrology into the Strickland brew.

So do Follow if and as you wish and let me know if you have done Strickland research ‘afore me!

jc  Friday Jan 15, 2016 Atlanta, GA 1:40 pm est


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